How Does Your BITE Effect Your Digestion?

Do you know how important your teeth are to digestion? Digestion can be broken down into separate parts-- the first of which begins in the mouth with CHEWING! The chewing action breaks food into smaller portions, enabling it to move down the esophagus, with the help of digestive enzymes in our saliva. Given adequate time [...]

Vevera Family Dental For Family And Cosmetic Dentistry

Why Choose Vevera Family Dental? Our practice has a gorgeous view (as seen in the picture above) and is conveniently located in Cocoa Beach, Florida. We also serve the surrounding areas of Cocoa, Merritt island, Cape Canaveral, and Rockledge.  Our family and cosmetic dentistry services include a wide range of diagnostic and preventive dental [...]

Four Tips for Improving Your Oral Health With a Proper Diet

Every part of our bodies are affected by our oral health. Based on what we eat, our oral health can improve or deteriorate drastically! Vevera Family Dental would like to share 4 tips to improve your oral health through your diet. Tip #1, Cut Sugar Intake Back Sugar has become far too big a part of [...]