Every part of our bodies are affected by our oral health. Based on what we eat, our oral health can improve or deteriorate drastically! Vevera Family Dental would like to share 4 tips to improve your oral health through your diet.

Tip #1, Cut Sugar Intake Back

Sugar has become far too big a part of our modern diets. Sugar doesn’t just make us fat and sick, it also causes teeth erosion! Avoid snacking frequently on foods that are sugary, especially when it comes to slow dissolving or sticky items. Any food item that present an opportunity for sugars constant presence turbo charges acid-producing bacteria, eating away at our tooth enamel.

The biggest sugar violations come in the form of sodas, as well as energy and sport drinks. These are especially dangerous due to the slow sipping way that we tend to consume them which causes our teeth to be covered in sugar over and over again for longer time periods.

Tip #2, A Diet Rich in Nutrient Supports Oral Health

Our oral health depends on many different nutrients. We’ve listed below a few of the more important nutrients:

  • Calcium: re-mineralizes our teeth – it can be found in fish, leafy greens and yogurt
  • Iron: prevents sores and promotes the health of our tongue – it can be found in nuts, grains and red meats
  • Vitamin C: essential for gum health – it can be found in citrus, sweet potatoes and peppers
  • Vitamin A: speeds up the healing of our mouth – it can be found in orange or yellow fruits and veggies, milk and leafy greens
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin): cuts back on swelling and improves our breath – it can be found in poultry, peanuts and potatoes

Of course this isn’t a complete list, but it may give you an idea of the kind of balanced diet you need for good oral health. Be conscious of how you fuel your body and mouth!

Tip #3, Drink More Water

Completely changing our entire way of eating can be a drastic and sometimes futile adjustment. That is one easy adjustment we can make starting right now; we can drink more water. When we drink more water we’re helping to wash away film on our teeth that eventually forms plaque. Also, water assists in keeping our saliva flowing.

Tip #4, Overall Health is Closely Linked to Oral Health

You might expect us to just say “stay away from candy,” but we believe our mission extends beyond that. Oral care is an integral part of preventive care and overall health, and we’re here to support you in your pursuit of total well-being.